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“If I had a Euro for every time somebody complimented me on my Radio Voice I could have retired already!!”
However the voice over business, contrary to this voice alone, can be far from smooth at all. Having said that my career to date has been interestingly complex and eventful. I have a diverse portfolio (some cannot be embedded on here) that includes anything from corporate animations to short horror film narration, or from E-Learning to featuring alongside “Ice Cube” on a vinyl EP for Redrum Records. This alone demonstrates a broad and versatile client base and in turn I can be very adaptable and direct-able, willing to learn and execute exactly what the client requires of me. I am often presented with scripts that have been translated, and a degree in English and Semantics means I can  iron out any potential grammatical errors or misinterpretations – an additional service one might say. All of the above can be achieved with the utmost seriousness, or as a calm and informative narrator, depending on the roles required. Throw in my past “Stand-Up” mentality for added spice if desired, and you have a fearless force behind the mic. People rarely know it’s me when I play a job back to them, and I kinda like it that way!

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